iPiggiBank is a wonderful addition to our After School Program here at Merritt School. The students had so much fun while learning valuable money management skills. The lessons are well organized and are presented in a manner that the students are easily able to understand and incorporate into their daily lives. Our instructor, Tracy, was outstanding! Her positive and upbeat energy really engaged the students. I highly recommend this program for all schools!
— Parent, Merritt Elementary School
My son is taking the [iPiggiBank] class, and looks forward to it. He usually asks if he can wash my car immediately when I pick him up! What I do like is that there was thoughtful discussion on “wants” & “needs”. Although I bring this up as a parent, it helps to hear it from another respected adult!
— Erika Srinivasan, Parent, Hillside Elementary, NJ
Teaching iPiggiBank Money Management classes is very rewarding! I get to instill the importance of financial literacy in young children and watch as students begin to make smart money choices. Through the use of a well-planned curriculum and supporting materials, the environment is fun and interactive. Students are engaged throughout the entire lesson! In a society where making smart financial decisions is as important as ever, iPiggiBank gives children the tools necessary to build a foundation for a strong financial future.
— Tracey, Teacher, iPiggiBank
A major asset to the program is the charismatic and dedicated teachers
— Front Page, Northern Valley Press
It was well run by the teacher...the activities were age appropriate and engaging for the children.
— Mitch Schonfeld, Director, Bergen Family Center
When the folks at iPiggiBank made us aware of the desire to launch a Money Management 4 Kids program at the Bergen Family Center, we jumped at the opportunity to become involved. It’s a perfect fit.
— Barbara Hand, Vice President & Marketing Manager, NVE Bank
It is fun learning about saving and spending, so that we can buy the things that are really important!
— iPiggiBank graduate, 5 yrs old, Bergen Family Center
He loves this class! He wishes he could go every day of the week. Thank you for your great work!
— Parent with a child in Closter, Hillside Elementary, NJ
Thank you so much for coming in. The students really enjoyed it. The information presented meshed nicely with our Money and Social Studies Units. Your presenters were very well prepared and worked very well with the students. Great job!!
— 2nd Grade Teacher, Haworth, NJ
Children are very sensitive and very wise. When they are taught the vocabulary and are given the opportunity to explore high-level concepts in a fun and multi-sensory way, they demonstrate very quickly how to earn money, save, share, and shop wisely. This, to me, is extraordinary because they will never forget these valuable lessons and these lessons will influence them to make responsible investment decisions for the rest of their lives
— Juliet Fennimore, Teacher, iPiggiBank