We are always looking for amazing companies interested in partnering with iPIggiBank's efforts.  Following are a few marketing initiatives that may fit your business goals.  If you want a custom program, let us know!

  • iPiggiBank Website – Partnership Page and Link: 1 Year/$1,500.00

Our website is a one-stop information resource to learn more about iPiggiBank’s financial literacy programs.   Corporate partners feature their brand on iPiggiBank's partnership page.

  • iPiggiBank Email Blast: 1 e-Blast/$2,500.00

Receive exclusive, ‘Brought to you by YOUR COMPANY NAME,’ banner at the top of iPiggiBank original e-blast.  Our emails are written in a creative, editorial style that provides parents with tips, activities, contests/raffles, expert advice, and resources to initiate finance conversations with their kids.  We provide a link in the text to your company website.  

  • Adopt a Financial Literacy Program - After School Program: 8 weeks/$3,000.00

Be a lead corporate sponsor to an 8 week after school Money Management 4 Kids program with a community based organization.  Your company logo is included on class and take home materials.

  • iPiggiBank 90-Minute Money Management for Kids Workshop & Classes: 1 Year Lead Partnership/$10,000.00

Our state certified teacher instructs workshops and after school classes on fundamental financial literacy skills leveraging fun, interactive activities in school classrooms and after school settings.   iPiggiBank promotional items will include your logo distributed to participants; co-marketing on collateral pieces; posts on our social networks.


We have new programs starting every month.  Reach out to us today to learn more.