Here are free activities to start financial literacy conversations with your kids.

Looking for a Smart, Fun and FREE activity to support you in the classroom or at home? Download our FREE iPiggiBank Receipt Challenge to teach:

  • Needs vs. Wants
  • Purpose of Receipts
  • How to Read a Receipt
  • What are Taxable Items?
  • How much is your State Tax? 
  • Managing Receipt Errors
  • Financial Independence & Know-How

This activity will take families from discussing goals to implementing them. Use our Fun & FREE Financial Goals Kit to start your family on a path to healthy financial habits. Educators, this is a great resource to bridge classroom learning with home learning and easily embeds in math and life skills units. Our Family's Financial Goals Kit teaches:

  • Short term vs. Long term goals
  • Incremental savings
  • Financial planning
  • Financial Independence & Know-How