Spend A Day With A Money-Smart Millennium

I’m Annemarie Hansen. College senior. Veteran babysitter. iPiggiBank Marketing & Social Media Associate.  Money-smart millennium.


Working for iPiggiBank for the past 2 years has offered me more incredible insight on kids’ financial literacy than I could have ever imagined. To my surprise (and to my luck) it has also helped me with my own financial savvy. The skills we are instilling in young kids will stay with them long after they graduate from iPiggiBank’s Money Management for Kids programs – and I am living proof.

Walk through a day with me to see all the different ways iPiggiBank’s money management skills and core concepts of Save, Share & Shop have an impact:



As the sun rises, so do Dad and I, running the familiar route through town. Running is many things to me: a bonding experience with my Dad, a way to stay healthy, and a way to give back. Together we ran the 2014 NYC Marathon and raised over $5,200 on behalf of Team for Kids, a charity that helps support free, youth fitness programs in over 400 schools and community centers nationwide.


After a quick shower, I head over to babysit for a few hours. I open the door to eager greetings of “Hi Ed!!” (It stands for Evil Dictator, but I pinky promise it’s a term of affection). We might spend the morning having breakfast at the diner, searching Marshall’s for a good deal on new jeans, or walking over to feed the neighbor’s pets while they are away. Just as iPiggiBank is helping parents start (and continue) the “awkward” or “hushed” money conversation at home, it also helps babysitters like me. If ‘my charge’ wants a new phone case, he has to decide if that’s really what he wants to spend his money on; and if we go to the grocery store with a budget, sometimes we have to pick between the cookie and the vitamin water. These conversations help transform me from an always-says-no Ed (yep, “Evil Dictator”) to a teacher and trusty advisor.


Once I’m off the clock, I head out to do some grocery shopping of my own. No longer a part of your parents’ or university’s meal plan, you quickly realize how expensive buying groceries can be. However, it doesn’t have to be. I plan my week’s meals around what I know is on sale and I’m careful not to overbuy on fresh groceries that can turn rotten quickly and go to waste. I even bring my own reusable bags to help the environment. Just like iPiggiBank’s Receipt Challenge, I always check to make sure I was charged correctly and received discounts where I should have. 


When I get home, I cozy up on the couch with my Study Abroad scrapbook. I often have trouble finding the words to describe my incredibly amazing semester in Australia. Never before have I experienced such freedom and responsibility – along with a critical need for smart budgeting.  Since traveling to Australia was something I had always dreamed of doing, I spent a long time saving up before my departure. This involved picking up extra jobs, putting in extra hours, and splitting my paychecks – half went towards Australia savings and the other half I could use for spending. Because I planned ahead, saved up, and budgeted accordingly while I was there, I was able to experience all that I wanted to and more. Again, iPiggiBank’s teachings to save wisely for something special rings true.


As I shut my scrapbook, I skip into the kitchen to help out someone whom I have my ability to study abroad – and a plethora of other things – to thank for; my mom! Helping prepare dinner for my family is not only a bonding time with mom, it’s also my way of being a family-team player. I know that our happy, healthy, and loving home is a product of each of us doing our part. iPiggiBank reinforces family time by finding a helpful role for everyone in the home. Besides, who cannot give back to the people who love and support you most?