Gratitude and Excitement. Want to share it too?

As any entrepreneur knows, especially those in the start-up space, the day-to-day experience can sometimes best be described as emotional “Peaks and Valleys.” One great WIN often means a lot of work to achieve the next one. It can take its toll,  even on the seasoned entrepreneur.

I’ve learned that in the face of what would otherwise be very frustrating, I have to remind myself to focus on gratitude, the journey and excitement of the process.  You would have a hard time finding a person MORE passionate about ending financial illiteracy for kids. But, when every step forward often leads to two steps back, it challenges my endurance.  What I’ve found that helps keep my drive in check is being surrounded with incredible supporters.

My supporters come in my shapes -- iPiggiBank teacherpreneurs, student graduates and their families, professional advisors, friends and my family.  We are well on our way in the New Year and I want to share some of why I feel grateful.

  • iPiggiBank has hired 2 new teacherpreneurs in Q1 to join the team. Our goal is 2 new teachers every quarter for a total of 24 new teachers in 2019. WIN #1 on track!

  • iPiggiBank has expanded to a new market - NY - in Q1.  We are now running active programs in NJ & NY. Our goal is 4 new locations in 2019.  WIN #2 on track!

  • iPiggiBank has reached 2,000 students and our goal is to reach 3,000 by end of year. WIN #3 on track!

And most importantly, I’m grateful for this amazing team of teacherpreneurs. Their endless support, dedication to teaching kids financial literacy and belief in iPiggiBank’s mission keeps me energized and motivated.  Even in the “Peaks and Valleys.”

My entrepreneurial journey has taught me that I have great instincts (identified a need in the market), unrelenting persistence (I CAN roll a boulder up a hill because we are changing young lives) and transferable skills to wear all hats (fear, ha, I got this too!).

The excitement of starting and running iPiggiBank (even on little sleep) - through highs and lows, is worth every minute. To see our students engaged, bright eyed, captivated on financial literacy that they have arguably never had the opportunity to really discuss in a meaningful way, is empowering. When a first grade student in an after school iPiggiBank class says, ”That was the best class! Are you coming back next week?” I smile and can happily say, YES!

If you want to get in on the excitement, bring an iPiggiBank program to your school, after school enrichment program, join our team of teacherpreneurs or just learn more about what we’re doing.

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