What I Wish I Knew

When I joined iPiggiBank as the Social Media Associate, I thought it was a brilliant idea to teach children money skills. It’s something that I still have not fully grasped at 21 years old -- and I am sure most people my age feel that way too. Throughout high school and college, I have learned a lot of skills and lessons on my own through mistakes and experiences. It wasn’t until my first paycheck that I learned about a deposit. It wasn’t until my first credit card that I started realizing the importance of budgeting. It wasn’t until my university took all my money that I realized that window shopping is just as enjoyable as buying the items. These were life lessons that would’ve been nice to have instilled in me as a child.

When I first helped the iPiggiBank teacher with the Money Management for Kids workshop, I learned that the wrap up question asked is, “What did you learn or enjoy about today?”.   Initially, I thought that the teacher would have to call on the students to pull words out of their mouths. I expected to hear loved shopping in class, had fun decorating banks, and got out of reading and writing for the day.

My first iPiggiBank Money Management for Kids Workshop with second graders. 

My first iPiggiBank Money Management for Kids Workshop with second graders. 

That’s not what I heard -- or saw.  These kids were on their feet, raising their hands enthusiastically. One student learned how to compare prices and think ahead before spending so that he can make sure he can budget to get what he wants. Another student couldn’t wait to go to the bank to open up an account, after asking all about interest to the bank representative—a word I only learned several years ago. Another child learned to share his money, because at the store he politely asked me if it was okay to buy two notebooks so he could give one to his sister.

Not one student complained that they weren’t given enough money, that they didn’t have the right color marker, or that they hated doing chores. They were fully engaged and were so attentive to the teacher. It was an amazing experience to witness!

Financial literacy is so important. These are lessons that every person needs to learn and skills that they need to apply. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of iPiggiBank, so I can feel that I am helping teach something that I only wish I was taught at a young age.